Can Security Camera Detect Motion?

Can Security Camera Detect Motion?
Security Camera

Can Security Camera Detect Motion? When it comes to safeguarding your home and family against untrusted imposition, installing a security camera might be an excellent investment.

These devices are capable of capturing any event taking place within their range at any given time and can be used to monitor intruders` activities both in real-time or can be played back.

Security cameras can also store footage that can be used as evidence and identification of culprits.

These cameras can be connected with security alarms that alert when something unusual is going on within their perimeters.  

Well, not all security cameras can detect motion, however, most of them are equipped with motion detection devices that help them detect motion, for example, Arlo Pro 4.

Arlo Pro 4 is known for super sensitive motion detection as well as AI that is capable of distinguishing between everything from a package to pets hence taking care of false alarms.

Best Motion Sensors For Home

After thorough research and testing, we present you with some premium motion sensor security cameras for your home safety. Check below for more:

Arlo Pro 4

Although most security cameras can detect motion, not all of them perform well. Arlo Pro 4 however has proved to be a top-notch choice.

This device has very sensitive motion detection and AI that helps it distinguish between various objects. In this way, you can be sure to have peace of mind since even false alarms are taken care of by this gadget.

You do not have to worry because this security camera is wireless and does not require any form of wiring. With this camera, you can monitor your home on your smartphone through an App.


  1. Has a super-sensitive motion detection feature
  2. Less false alarms
  3. Easy to install


  1. Relatively expensive as you need to pay for a subscription in case you want smart detection features.

 Nest Doorbell

This is a battery powered doorbell security camera that is flexible and can work in any home. With nest doorbell, you can see what is happening right at your door wherever you are.

This device has a motion detection range of up to 15 feet and is capable of giving you an intelligent alert on essential activities at your door. You can easily install Nest doorbell yourself since it is wireless.

Other important features of this device are such like remote control, video recording, and mobile notification, just to mention a few.


  1. Easy to install
  2. Battery powered hence do not require intensive wiring
  3. Has remote control features


  1. Difficult to select which nest speaker to make the announcement.

 Reolink Lumus

Are looking for the best security camera that can detect motion? Well, why can`t you go for Reolink Lumus? This device has a color night vision that gives a full-color video even in total darkness.

You are guaranteed peace of mind since the device employs PIR plus motion detection to ensure you are not disturbed again by false alarms. With Reolink Lumus, you are given an option for up to 128 GB microSD card, what a wonderful product it is!


  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Offer high-quality video
  3. Has a reliable connectivity


  1. Might require an outdoor power outlet
  2. Sometimes motion shots might be blurry

 Reolink E1 Zoom

With Reolink E1 Zoom installed in your home, you can be sure that you can get better quality pictures and videos as well as enhanced surveillance.

This device with its 5MP, it can record in 2K. it has a ½.7” CMOS image sensor in addition to IR LED night vision that enables it to detect motion. The camera also has a range of up to 40 feet.


  1.  Pocket friendly
  2. Capture high-quality video


  1. It is not USB powered hence you must use the power adapter that comes in the box. This can limit you when you want to install a camera more than the cable’s length.

 ZUMIMALL Solar Camera

ZUMIMALL Solar Camera has 2K lens which helps it record good quality pictures and videos. Also, it has two night modes; infrared 2-night vision and 2K FHD color mode, in addition to a light alarm to enhance surveillance in your home. Moreover, it is equipped with PIR and AI that help it detect and distinguish different motions.


  1. Energy saving as it is recharged by solar energy
  2. Employs PIR and AI to enhance detection thus reducing false alarms


  1. It has a rechargeable battery that has a short lifespan

How Far Away Can a Security Camera Detect Motion?

When choosing which security camera to install in your home, it will be vital that you consider how far it can detect motion. However, it is also good to know that the range of motion detection for your specific security camera can be affected by a number of factors. Before looking at… How Far Away Can a Security Camera Detect Motion? Let`s understand the various factors that can impact your security camera`s motion detection range.

  • Camera Sensor Sensitivity and Resolution

The higher your security camera`s megapixel, the more it detects motion. Most cameras can record movement, however, the camera with the higher megapixel will give more resolution and hence will pick up movement from far away as it is capable of recording small changes.

  • Optical Zoom and Lens

The optical zoom of your security camera`s lens is essential as it allows the camera to get a close-up picture of distant objects. If you choose a security camera with a higher resolution as well as an optical lens, you can be guaranteed enhanced motion detection.

  • Lighting Conditions

Lighting condition is another factor that can affect your security camera`s motion detection range. During day time, most cameras are able to detect motion within 50 to 100 feet. At night when there is poor lighting conditions most cameras will switch to infrared mode which helps them to illuminate and see in the dark. This feature is capable of extending your camera`s motion detection range up to 100 feet or more for objects that are human-sized.

  • Speed and Size of Movement

It is easier for your camera to detect large and faster-moving objects compared to slow and smaller-moving objects. Meaning, your camera must be closer to detect slower-moving objects and vice versa.

  • AI-enhance Motion Detection Algorithms

AI has significantly improved how security cameras detect motion. Most security cameras currently use algorithms to evaluate the video feed and thus detect motion intelligently. AI-powered cameras are capable of distinguishing different objects and motions such as a person moving and a tree swaying.

The AI enables security cameras can also extend motion detection range of the lens while at the same time giving clear distinctive pictures and videos.

Now that you have known some of the factors that affect a security camera`s motion detection range, can we talk about How Far Away Can a Security Camera Detect Motion? Of course yes! So… How Far Away Can a Security Camera Detect Motion? Let`s first talk about the typical detection ranges:

In normal conditions, most security cameras equipped with motion-sensing capabilities can detect motion up to 100 feet or more. With more advanced features, the motion detection distance might extend up to 400 feet or more.

During the daytime, most security motion sensing cameras can go up to between 50 and 100 feet for motion of objects that are human-size.

During the night, with the help of infrared, this distance can extend to between 50 and 200 feet. For cameras with high-megapixel, the detection range can go even beyond 400 feet.

  • Daytime Detection Range

With optimal light conditions during the day, motion sensing security cameras might typically sense motion up to 50 to 100 feet for human size objects. However, this range might be impacted by elements such as sensor sensitivity, quality of the lens, and optical zoom, to mention a few.

  • Nighttime Detection Range

At night, the motion detection of security cameras can be even more impressive. During the night, with the help of infrared mode, most security motion-detecting cameras can sense motion up to between 50 and 200 feet in darkness. However, some factors such as IR illuminator strength, and camera settings can affect this range.

  • Zoomed-in/ High Megapixel Cameras

Security motion-detecting cameras with high megapixels have greater motion detection ranges. Most of them will detect motion even beyond 400 feet. However, you should remember that using high resolution might also mean you prepared large spaces for data storage as well as bandwidth for streaming video.

Let`s now see how you can extend the detection range for your home safety. Check below:

  • Use of multiple cameras

One of the effective ways of extending the detection range is by using multiple cameras. You can also arrange your cameras in an array as this will cover more areas and overlap detection zones for each camera hence extending the detection range for your security framework.

  • Use of Higher Resolution and Megapixel Cameras

High-resolution cameras offer maximum detail for motion detection at a distance. Although, you will require a large space for data storage.

  • Mounting Camera Higher Up

Mounting your camera high up for instance on a pole will reduce obstacles within the line of sight and increases the field of view. However, before mounting your security camera, consider the manufacturer`s recommended viewing angle. With the correct combination of methods, you might attain between 300 and 400 feet motion detection range or even more.

Do Security Cameras Only Record When Motion Is Detected?

Have you ever wondered when security cameras start recording? Or do they record throughout? Let`s find out what happens:

Most home security cameras only record when they detect motion within their range. Several indoor and outdoor security cameras use motion detection in detecting and recording footage. Meaning the cameras only record starting from the time when motion is detected.

With this kind of camera in your home, you can be sure of saving storage as you do not have to hold large files in the Cloud. As soon as it starts recording footage, a notification is sent to the user`s mobile phone to alert them of the detected motion. This recording process continues until there`s nothing to record in the field of view.

How Do You Know If a Camera Is Recording?

If you are a user then you can check if your camera is recording using a compatible mobile App. But in the event that you are not the owner, below is what you do to know if the camera is working:

  • Check if the Camera is Real

Most people usually use dummy cameras to fake security. You can check the camera`s branding, lights, and cable to determine if it is real.

  • Check if it Moves

Some cameras when they detect motion tend to move or rotate on an axis. The movement itself produces a buzzing sound. Others you will realize a slight movement of the lens.

  • See if it Produces Light

Most home security cameras have LED light that switches on while it records and this can only be visible when the area is dark.

How Your Home Security Camera Detects Motion

Motion detection has become a part of today’s DIY home security cameras. Thanks to the built-in motion detection that thoroughly surveys the camera`s field of view for any movement.

You don`t have to keep your eyes glued to your cameras` feed, the current home security cameras will send a notification to your phone in case of a suspicious event in your home. What if someone asks you how your home security camera detects motion? Will you be in a position to tell them? Let`s look at the two types of detection techniques usually employed:

Passive Infrared (PIR)

PIR sensors detect the difference between the heat within its perimeters and that radiated by living being. As a result, PIR is sometimes referred to as “heat vision.” When this camera sensor detects movement of this warmth it signals the camera to start recording the motion and at the same time, an alert is sent to the user.


  1. Since PIR detector cameras use changes in infrared radiation, they can filter activities such as curtains fluttering hence reducing false alarm
  2. PIR is also power efficient as they only activate when a change in infrared radiation is detected thus saving power


  1. Spend more of their time in low power and nonrecording mode thus might be sluggish to activate.

Computer Vision

Here, a camera`s software examines sequential frames of live video to see any differences and records a motion event when a large change occurs. Other advanced methods might be employed here to categorize the moving object.


  1. Allows for greater analysis of the scene
  2. Detects motion by analyzing features such as facial recognition hence reducing false alarm


  1. To achieve most of the advanced detection features, you must pay for a subscription
  2. Detection might also depend on the quality of the software algorithms

Fixing False Alerts

False alarms might be a stressful sore point for your home security as a homeowner. How do you feel when you receive a notification on your phone but upon confirming you find that your camera was tripped by just a mere snowfall for instance? Definitely, It must be boring. So how can we fix this problem? Let`s see below:

If your camera uses the PIR motion detection feature, you can adjust the sensitivity levels within the compatible App recommended by the manufacturer. Reducing sensitivity levels would mean that the moving object should be warmer or closer to the camera to be detected and vice versa.

In the event that you are using CV cameras, you are offered a number of options for false alert mitigation. One, you can set the motion detection zone for these cameras and anything outside the range won`t be detected as motion. Also, CVs include features such as facial recognition as a way of reducing false alarms by filtering what is important and unimportant motion events.

Why Should You Use a Motion Detector Camera?

When it comes to safeguarding your home from unwanted intrusion, nothing beats constant monitoring of every corner of the property. Motion detection cameras are one of the most essential devices in this segment.

These devices offer constant surveillance of your home and alert you when necessary. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain most things you need to know about motion detection security cameras, and most importantly, why you should use a motion detector camera. Do not go anyway, just check below:

First, motion detector cameras are security cameras equipped with motion detection technologies to help them identify and sense motion and in the end notify the users.

So why should you use a detector camera? One, these cameras come in wired and wireless options for people to choose. The wireless option is easy to install especially if you are a DIY lover, these cameras are also relatively cheap and do not leave holes in case you remove them.

Secondly, even with a DIY framework, you can still have both expert and remote monitoring ensuring your home is continuously watched. The DIY feature helps homeowners to watch their homes even when not around.

Have you ever imagined receiving a call from your home security company that they suspect your home has been targeted? You better not!

First, they will send local police to your home to ensure safety, secondly, the police will need evidence and will want you to sit for hours playing the recorded footage.

To avoid this, motion detector cameras give solutions, go for it. Because these cameras start recording upon detecting motion, and stop when there is nothing to recorded, you will spend little time providing evidence.

Moreover, you don`t need someone to alert you since the cameras through mobile notification will alert you when motion is detected.

Motion detector cameras are capable of detecting motions from large ranges, meaning before even the strange reaches your door, the camera would have started recording.

This will allow you time to react depending on if the person is a friend or an enemy. Alert the police if the person acts suspiciously. You can also talk to them using two-way communication.

Motion detector cameras can also record with USB or a microSD card. You can extend storage in case you run out of storage, therefore you don`t need to worry about storage.

After connecting your motion detector camera with microSD, you can always check up on footage if you ever need it. You can access it through your connected microSD card.

Motion detector cameras are very customer friendly. Apart from being less expensive, these devices save you energy as they only activate upon sensing a motion. Some of them use solar energy that charges their rechargeable batteries. The fact that these cameras only record when necessary will also save you storage and time when you want to retrieve footage for evidence purposes for instance.

Finally, these cameras have night vision, thus they are not limited to daylight. In fact at night, with the help of night vision features, the detection range tends to increase as well as effectiveness. As a result, these cameras give better results just like the ones during the daytime.


Security cameras have been used for enhancing home security frameworks for decades. However, a question arises…

Can Security Camera Detect Motion?

Not all security cameras can detect motion but at least currently with the advanced technology in the home safety segment, most of them can detect motion. Motion detector cameras’ detection capabilities can also be affected by several factors like range, obstacles, and megapixels of the lens among other factors.

Motion detector cameras can be energy-saving as they only activate when the motion is detected. Also, the user gets notified instantly when the motion is detected. To cater to false alarms, these cameras are equipped with advanced features such as facial recognition or infrared radiation detection.

In the event that your home has been targeted by criminals, these cameras will help direct the police to the crime scene. Also, it will require you little time to retrieve the evidence as events are only recorded from start to end leaving out the unimportant events. 

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